Teta Diana is a Rwandan singer and songwriter. Her style is more traditional and urban type of music. Teta recently signed a contract with an online distribution company based in the UK, Afrocori, and said she’s looking forward to doing more music.


‘VELO’ is ‘LOVE’ the other way round.
This is Teta’s newest video music, launched on Friday, 1 January 2016.
On an interview with New Times Rwanda, She explains that, Velo is the word love spelt backwards because I was singing about today’s love which is upside down. Some girls are after material things other than love, they value earthly possessions more.

“It’s this kind of love that gives an explanation for all these divorces we are facing now days because some people get married for the wrong reasons.”

The video was directed by Meddy Saleh and audio done by Pastor P

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