Mbongwana Star, a Congolese band from Kinshasa, the capital city of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, is a seven-piece band that combine Congolese rhythms with post-punk, dub and club electronics.

Members include: Coco Yakala Ngambali , Théo Nsituvuidi Nzonza, Randy Makana Kalambayi, Jean Claude Kamina Mulodi aka R9, Matuzolele Rodrick & Doctor L.

Nganshe is their release off their last year, 2015 album “From Kinshasa”. It’s filmed in the group’s hometown of Kinshasha, and comes directed by the group’s guitarist and producer Liam Farrell.

Nganshe is built around an ominous bass pulse, clattering percussion, and a bizarrely hypnotic squeaking sound, somewhere between a Brazillian cuica drum and the scrape of fingers moving about an electric guitar’s fretboard. Listening to it feels like arriving in a bustling, unfamiliar city, a very long way from home: a gripping mix of excitement, apprehension and sensory overload.

Watch it below.

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