Oum el Ghait Benessahraoui, better known simply as Oum, delivers an inspired song blending Moroccan influences with jazz and soul.
Her core ensemble includes flute, saxophones, acoustic guitar, double bass, drums and percussion. Electric guitar, electric bass, oud, oboe and English horn make occasional appearances throughout, often accompanied by Oum’s steady qarqab and castanola playing.

TARAGALTE is A song in tribute to the city of El M’Hamid Ghizlane and its Taragalte Music Festival desert and the World, which Oum was the fourth edition of godmother.

The overall tone of the record is a jazz mixture wrapped in gnawa rhythms that draw on the Hassani dialect she grew up with. Singing in Darija and English, Oum’s voice is elegant; a solid lead for the band to follow.

This video brings all the highlights of this stay in the Moroccan desert . Moments shared with people of M’hamid , but also with artists from Mali ( Tartit ) , Mauritania ( Noura Mint Seymali ) , France ( Nico Wayne Toussaint ) .
The 2012 Taragalte Festival theme was Women of the desert.

It was at that Taragalte that Oum chose to present Soul Of Morocco with her new quartet :

Alain Debiossat : baritone , alto , soprano, flute (+ guitar)
Patrick Mary Magdalene : Guitars
Patrick Goraguer : Drums, percussion
Damian Nueva : Bass

Lyrics , melodies and arrangements: Oum

Art Direction : Sir Ali Alizadeh
Production: Laurent Foulon for LOF Music
Production Assistant: Hind Elbouab

Video Director: Bruno Cailloux

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