Octopizzo is a Kenyan Hip-hop Artist, Entrepreneur, Activist and a Youth Ambassador with VAWG Violence Against Women in Girls with the British Council, Refugee Youth Voice Africa.

The rapper says he wanted to magnify Kenyan culture which he feels is a dying aspect in Kenyan music videos.
Octopizzo, who is originally from Kisumu, chose Butere because he believes it’s the most neutral place in Kenya according to a source.

“Guys are just aping Western artists,” says Octopizzo in his new song. “That’s the reason why I came up with the style. I know guys might not understand but I’m trying to appreciate where I’m from and my culture. My culture is kenya. ”

‘Butere’ is just simply a celebration of the Kenyan culture and identity.

The audio was produced by Kevin Provoke, and video directed by Enos Olik

Watch the video below:

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