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A new video is out by the Egyptian Melodeath giants Sinprophecy titled “War Shall Begin”

Sinprophecy is a melodic/doom metal band that hails from Cairo, Egypt. It’s band members incclude;
Sayed Ragai [Silverback] —– (Vocals , Lyrics)
Amr Mohamed [Fadaay] —– (Guitars)
Abdel Rahman Sherif [Boudy] ——- (Keyboards)
Mohamed Sa’eed [Sheva] —– (Guitars)
Mostafa Khaled [Squirtle] —– (Bass Guitar)
Michel Khater [Micho] —— (Drums)

Formed in 2009 , the band started with a different name which is “Harmony In Violence” which was originally formed by Sayed Ragai, Amr Fadaay , Mohamed T.Mishmish and Youssef El-Quashiry , then the band went into a hiatus but after a while the band came back again in 2010 with some differences in the line-up as Elave Salah joined the band as the new guitarist then Omar El-Baroumi joined as a bassist , and also the with a new name which is “Sinprophecy” which was according to the concept that Sayed Ragai put to the band explaining the idea of the relation between human nature and sins and how it’s more like an instinct in the human race, as everyone is a sinner in a way and no exceptions, and mixed it with a dark atmosphere as you can see it in the band’s lyrical theme which is mainly about (Sin , Humanity , Existence , Dark Fantasy , Despair , Inner Struggles)

in 2011 the band had their first live show in Extreme Noise Event, and from that time till know they became one of the well known Egyptian bands that performs live as they performed in different venues and some other events like Walls Of Death , Metal Blast, and in 2014 they had the chance to compete in the Wacken Metal Battle in Egypt .

later on in 2012 a big difference happened in the line-up of the band members as Mohamed”Sheva”Sa’eed joined the band as the new guitarist, plus adding a new instrument to the band which is Keyboards so Nur Azmy joined the band but in a less than a year he left and Abdel-Rahman Sherif became the new keyboardist of the band.

the band had a lot of changes in the members line-up specially in the drums section as 4 drummers played in the band , strating with Youssef El-Quashiry,Hani Sami Zaki, Ahmed Alaa El-Ghoul and currently Michel Khater .

The band’s members are totally inspired by the Scandinavian music and culture which affected their influences, and this is what you can hear in their stuff.

the band is working now on their debut album “Through Sacrifice And Redemption” which will be released this year 2016, but also they released 2 tracks from it (Summoning and Tears Of A Sinner) , and after that it should be another album very soon as they are done with writing 70% of it’s material. .

This is the video clip of their track “War Shall Begin” from their upcoming album “Through Sacrifice And Redemption”
Recorded at Vibe Studios,
Sound Engineer: Yousef Ahmad
Mixing & Mastering: Moanis Salem
Orchestral Arrangements: Mohamed Tarek Alkhaleel

Directed By: Mohamed Hany
Produced By: WeCreate For Media Production… watch it and hope you like it

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