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‘Feet’ from Rubber Duc’s debut album, ‘The Secret Sunrise’ is the very first love song by the band. Beautifully and dramatically filmed by Kyle White, starring celebrated South African actress Jay Anstey & newcomer Schalk Myburgh, this video is bound to move you.

“When you cannot breathe, I’ll let you borrow the breath in my lungs when your lungs are hollow. Where your feet will run, my feet will follow too.”


Since hatching in late 2013, Rubber Duc, a Folk Swing band, has taken the South African music scene by storm, and somewhat by surprise! Their very first single, “Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That” hit the charts at full flight and peaked at the number 2 spot on 5FM and East Coast Radio and made the top 10 on several other radio stations.

Starting out as a trio consisting of Nick Jordaan, Brendan Campbell and Sheldon Sham, the DUCs have grown not only in reputation, but also in size! Amiel Gopal has just joined the band, adding spice to their already quirky and unique sound, which they describe as “folk-swing-hop”.

They’ve gathered a fine flock of followers and a ‘duckload’ of attention. And rightfully so: their sound is fun and authentic, with cheerful, catchy melodies and clever lyrics that stick in your mind… and make you want to dance. In addition to performing original material, they do a mean job of “ducking up” covers with such playful passion and sincere joy it’s simply impossible not to like them.

These Rubber Ducs are down to earth and refuse to take themselves too seriously. Which is a refreshing change from the usual tortured artist “I suffer for my art” (apologies Lloyd Cole) mask so often encountered on the music scene…

They might be only one year old, but The Ducs have already gathered a large and very varied flock of fans! They have played at many South African live music venues from Pretoria to Durban to the Cape and back again to their Jozi home base. AND they give away real rubber ducks at their gigs which, strange as it may be, turns just about any crowd into an excited bunch of kids.

Rubber Duc are truly committed to building lasting relationships in the industry, their long-term collaboration with filmmaker Kyle White proves that! This honorary Duc creates videos that perfectly fit the innimitable DUC style and causes a stir across the world!

Rubber Duc cover of The 1975’s “Chocolate”:
“Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That”:
“Stay with Me”, which charted on Algoa FM as well as many campus and community stations:

The feel-good anthem “It’s Alright”, which is getting airplay on a daily basis on both 94.7 Highveld, KFM, Algoa and ECR:
A “ducked-up” version of 5th Harmony’s “Sledgehammer”, Camila Cabello called it “AMAZEBALLS” and “so creative” and the twitter-sphere went wild!

With the latest 2 singles on high rotation on radio stations across the country, Rubber Duc has just released ZEBRA HORSE: and
And they’re grabbing every free moment to get into studio and work on their debut album – due for release later this year.

The Rubber Duc brand has started to gain a cult following and the little yellow ducks and caps with the “DUC” logo pop op all over the place! It seems that everyone wants a piece of the Ducs and it’s happening… rapidly!

The Ducs believe that music provides a platform to bring people together, to change the world, even if just for a moment… In their own words: “When people sing your music back to you, whether it is one person or a thousand, the point is that the message has touched someone in one way or another.”

Find them on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – Rubber Duc Music and @rubberducmusic

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