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SINISTER SUPERSTAR – Seeds Ov Betrayal | Mp3 Download

Behold the third release from South African underground raw black metal SINISTER SUPERSTAR, “Seeds Ov Betrayal”.

Seeds ov Betrayal is the third release by South African raw black metal band,Sinister Superstar.Sin Crawling In Her Skin (Demo,2012) and Tentamen Suicidii (EP,2014) being the previous two releases.It features Nathan Mckillop of Nephilim (All Instruments,Production) on the title track,Urban Swart (All Instruments,Guest Vocals,Production) on Abiosis and Lance Von Buddenbrock of Sufferance (All Instruments,Production) on Black Bile and main single,Slaves To The One With Horns.Artwork by Shelby Maelanthe of Spectral Realm.Vocals,Lyrics,Concept by Vernon “Vermin” Eksteen.

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Seeds ov Betrayal – Sinister Superstar

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