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EVENT: #UnKutTheCypher Season 3: QINGS

On the 4th of June, season 3 of #UnKutTheCypher shall be held at Turning Tables. Dubbed “QINGS”, we aim to come together to celebrate and support the #WomeninHipHop. What’s better than a woman who is confident enough to take on a genre that’s male dominated? We guarantee a killer show and nothing but BARS. Come and see for yourself. Women can do Hip Hop too and do it well.
#WomeninHipHop #KEHipHop #Freeflow #Freestyle #AfricanHipHop

Grab your tickets to the third season of #UnKutTheCypher via this link: 300 Bob pekee and then 500 at the gate!

Hip Hop ni culture ya love, usisahau.

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