Nje Pro – Daily Bread | Mp4 download

The song talks about how artists misuse their power and platforms in the music industry, talking about things that they don’t have, bragging about money and fancy cars that they don’t own, misleading the upcoming artists with songs that have no meanings, songs that lead the youths on doing drugs, killings, guns and following a path that will destroy their future. This song talks about how people wish or talk about things without knowing the consequences, people saying things that are going to hunt them later. It talks about how different kinds of media portray the life of an individual,(artist) in the way that is not in real life, talks about the daily struggles, how people have lost humanity,talks about giving people hope in working hard. This game is serious, some people have made it and some have lost, some are in jail and some are filthy rich, so be careful when you decide to get in this game.

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