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Mijok Lang aka Hot Dogg is a well known Canadian humanitarian activist and performing artist, He came to Canada in 2004. He was resettled in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Hot Dogg is a survivor of the two decades long civil war in Sudan. He was one of the Lost Boy of Sudan, a term coined by the UNHCR for the thousands of young boys that made the long trek through the unforgiving landscape of sub-Saharan Africa from southern Sudan, Ethiopia to Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya. After graduating from high school Mijok pursued a career in music. For Mijok, rap is the medium through which he is able to convey his story and his message. Mijok is a strong advocate for Human Rights and a permanent fixture in the movement against human rights abuses in Darfur. He speaks and performs at rallies, fundraisers, schools and social justice events to raise awareness about the devastating effects of war and the importance of human rights protection. Mijok was the recipient of the Citizen Equity Committee Youth Award for Advocacy and continues to be a dedicated youth mentor and spokesperson for social justice in Canada.

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