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Change – Nje ft. Mwaka Utanje | Mp4 Download

Directed,Shot by: Jacob Wachira Editor: Nje Pro (Ufuoni TV) Audio: Nje Pro (Ufuoni Records Int'l) Extra: Silva Sande. Song talks about how corrupt the world is,(governments) misuse their power, misuse government resources, how they trick citizens with fake promises during election time, then after elections they forget about their promises. Talks about real change,

Makesi – Kayvo Korce & Mr Nabiey | Kenya

TRACK: MAKESI ARTIST: KAYVO KFORCE FT MR. NABIEY audio Produced by Eujoe/Nick Punk video directed by Johnson Kyalo Special thanks to - DJ.Briizy for audio recording - Choppers Dance Crew VIDEO release date : 14-July - 2017

Mwambie – Size 8 Reborn | Kenya | Mp4 Download

Album: Harusi Jesus is here for you no matter what you are going through or what you have done He is our saviour, healer and comforter all you need is to just give Him your burdens, repent of your sins and believe that He is the true MESSIAH. The is no

Nje Pro – Daily Bread | Mp4 download

The song talks about how artists misuse their power and platforms in the music industry, talking about things that they don't have, bragging about money and fancy cars that they don't own, misleading the upcoming artists with songs that have no meanings, songs that lead the youths on doing drugs,