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Nasty C – 031 Lyrics | South Africa

[Hook] I'm from 031, I repre-fucken-sent Teeth on freeze like, "Bitch don't take another step!" Not my problem that you wasn't heaven sent Blessed.. Check (Oooh shit!) You know my daddy raised me well (Oooh shit!) Touch my lunch, I'll ring your bell (Oooh shit!) I'm doing better, can't you tell? (Oooh shit!) I'm doing better can't you tell? [Verse 1] I just overuse

Amanda Black – Amazulu | South Africa

Drifting I'm drifting away Into the darkness Ndizothath'u mthwalo Ndimbeke emqolo mama Ubomi bunzima So I lift my head up high Open my eyes And I will fly ohh I'm barely coping I'm feelin closed in Looking up hoping The heavens will open Mdali wezulu Ndikhalela kuwe Open up, open up I'm feeling closer now The light shining brighter but I'm losing my flow Kudala ndisiwa ndivuka Ndifuna noluthando Ndifuna

JULIA – Shane Eagle | South Africa

Shane Hughes (born 7 June 1996), best known by his stage-name Shane Eagle, is a South African rapper. He is best known for making as one of the top three contestants on South African television show Vuzu: The Hustle. Music career Shane recorded his first song at the age of 13 at

Emtee – Ghetto hero | South Africa

[Chorus] Without you I'm nothing You turned me into something, yeah I wanna be, I wanna be, a ghetto hero, yeah yeah (x2) Something like Steve Biko, yeah yeah yeah [Verse] It's been a long time coming Besispana kodwa singyiboni imali Sxabana nabazali endlini Abasakwazi you know they gotta worry At

Kid Tini – ‘Bekezela’ (feat. Lisa) | South Africa

Kid Tini has been dropping more music with consistency these days. Following the release of ‘New School Bully’ & ‘If The Shoe Fits’, Tini aims to inspire change on his brand new heater ‘Bekezela’. Assisted by Lisa on the vocals, the Kid wears his heart on the sleeve as he elaborates